LaMountain Marketing Communications

Tour of Somerville 2017 goes live

LaMountain Marketing Communications designed the Tour of Somerville website in 2016 and this year will feature a live stream that will be viewable on a number of platforms including YouTube and Twitch. Various cameras will be positioned at strategic locations throughout the race course. There have been a number of countries represented in the race, including the Canadian […]

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Why DIY can be BAD

Yes we’ve all seen the “Build Your Own Professional Website” (just buy our product).  We’ll if you know how code works, understand the limitations and don’t mind your most important Storefront looking amateurish, go for it!  But know, that is just what your likely to get along with a boat load of frustration. Most DIY […]

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Understanding Web Development, The Basics

To understand web development One must first decide what they would like the site to do for them/their organization. There are basic 4x types of site usage: A Catalog (also know as a WebRoom) A Storefront (kiosk) A Lead Generator An Information Exchange Usage: A Catalog – this type of site is very useful when […]

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