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Beverage Marketing

This program was developed to help under-performing or new products gain recognition and market share with limited brand and marketing dollars.

The program features a professionally filmed video shot on location at Verve, the award winning bar & Restaurant. This is the original bar that the first drink was served in Somerset County NJ after prohibition. Recently the bar and Bar Men have been in some significant competitions placing in the top 4 finalist for Star-of-the-Bar in 2014 and NJ Best top 10 bars in 2015.

The location consists of three floors - The main floor with bar and dinning room, a separate dinning room on the downstairs level, and a unique up stairs Lounge that features an intimate setting, with a bar, banquette seating, large screen projector, and flat screen TVs. Verve has a broad mix of clientele ranging from business people, judges, couples, artists, musicians, and more.

How We Can Help

The Beverage Marketing program consists of the following:

  1. Authentic award winning bar becomes your movie studio
  2. Professionally filmed and edited
  3. Studio quality set up and lighting
  4. Three camera simultaneous recording
  5. Professionally scripted and directed
  6. Creative authentic award winning bar men in action
  7. Creating cocktails specific to your brand
  8. Full post editing with graphics, text, and music
  9. Marketed on a proven social platform
  10. Leveraged on additional marketing avenues
  11. Programs to fit your start up campaign and beyond


You have the option of selecting a specific demographic that you would like your message to reach.


Have an event coming up that you want to promote? By creating what is known as a Snapchat Geotag, we can create a location-specific graphic to engage your customers.

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